All About The Digital Gryphon

Brian, The Digital Gryphon:

In addition to working various part and full-time jobs since leaving school, I’ve been producing photographic images for almost 50 years.

self portrait

 My on-line history goes back to CompuServe, Freenets and 2400 baud modems. In fact, Dad introduced me to ‘puters by letting me write code (in ‘basic‘) for the IBM-5150.

I came out as gay to my family and the world (well, the readership of the Chatham Daily News) in 1978. I have self-identified as Queer for more than a decade. My designs as well as my blog posts, are sex-positive and pro-diversity; created from a progressive point of view.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is the business entity behind my various creative endeavours.

Please visit the Digital Gryphon Threadless Shop for our selection of apparel and other great gift ideas with authorized Digital Gryphon designs.

Selected photographs and graphic designs are available as Prints on canvas, acrylic, metal, wood or fine art papers at our Fine Art America galleries.

In addition to offering my own creations, I support the ministry of Sister Who (of Denver CO) by distributing their CDs of original music, as well as helping produce and distribute the Tarot of Sister Who. The Digital Gryphon LLC receives nominal compensation for that support.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is the only authorized agent for Romanovsky & Phillips Merchandise, as well as hosting Jason's mystical arts products under the Summerland Candles brand,