Sister Flirt's Choose JOY Tin

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Portable Altars:
Since the first time humans believed in some unseen force(s) that might rule the world there have been spaces dedicated to worshiping or making offerings to them. Early nomadic peoples and medieval traveling clergy found various ways to carry books, candles, and other talismans.

Meditation/ Prayer Prompts:
Your tin comes with a deck of 32 small cards designed as inspiration for personal meditation or prayer. Any hand-made card of similar size may of course be substituted with a quotation or other personal prompt.

Potential Additions:
There is enough room beside the cards to personalize yours with a votive candle, incense cone, crystal, or another talisman. The tin travels well with a small tarot deck; some of which are sold in similar containers.

Who Is Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex?
Sister took their vows in the Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence in 1983 to serve the local LGBT community. Although the Order’s formal organization no longer exists, Sister has never renounced his vows. She continues to minister to the gathered fruitful in central Ohio and through their on-line ministry.