Drink of Immortality Wax Melts

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How does immortality chose anyone, and grant them the gift of living forever? What do you think the drink of immortality tastes like? Like you favourite fruity adult beverage, your favourite childhood candy, or with no taste to it at all?

If you do drink, do you think whomever granted you the gift could strip you of it; so you start to age rapidly and then pass away like every mortal?

Scents include peach, apricot, blackberries, mandarin, cinnamon, rose, woods, musk. Includes Purple Haze glitter.

Package contains 2 strips of 5 pieces.

Wax Melt Volume Discount:
Purchase 4 or more Wax Melts (excluding individual Dragon's Tears Wax Melts) and save USD$1.00 on each one.

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