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  • Guncle Post: An envelope filled with goodies that all connect (at least in my quirky, queer, mind) sent via USPS 1st Class every 2 months.
    Each GP’23 mailing will include one non-Tarot Oracle card and two Tarot cards, along with a hand-written reading of the cards.
    Subscriptions will be limited to 36, although an individual mailing may have up to 3 more available if the non-Tarot Oracle deck has additional cards.
    Subscribe for the next 3 (at $11 each) or all 5 remaining (at $10 each) 2023 bi-monthly mailings. Prices includes postage.

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  • @ Quantities are limited;
  • @ Cards are pulled, and Readings done, before being randomly(?) assigned to a subscriber;
  • @ All subscriptions are sent via USPS 1st Class Mail (no tracking);
    @ Postage is included in the price, but I do need your Mailing Address at check-out;
  • @ There is no additional fee for International addresses- delivery times may be significantly longer;