Poetic Prose Assortment

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1 copy each of the following three titles:

In Pursuit Of A Dream: Poetic Prose by Brian D Gryphon
Born near the end of the ‘Baby Boomer Era’, Brian grew up in rural Ontario. Living in a village of 1,000 people in the 70’s he knew he was ‘different’. Moving back to Toronto (his birthplace) as quickly after graduation as he could, he did more than his fair share to celebrate life as a gay person and promote ‘sexual rebellion’. But some nights he found his pen mightier than, well, his sword. He doesn’t claim to have found answers there to all the ‘big questions’; but offers these writings as notes on his journey.

Moving On: Poetic Prose by Jason Beilchick
Growing up gay in rural Pennsylvania, Jason adopted a ‘Goth’ appearance to survive high school. Mourning the loss of his father to cancer just as he entered his teen years, Jason wrote out much of the material collected in this volume during the 1990s. Of his work he says: “everything i have written tells a story of who i am; if you read these poems and you find they hurt your feelings that wasn’t my intention.

Echoes of My Lips by Michael Harding
A collection of poetry and poetic prose composed during the 1970s when the author was in his 20s. It is a reflection of the times, while also timeless commentary on life, love and sex. Of his work Michael says: “My poetry is my internal journey. It is the honest — and sometimes painful — expression of my love. A place beyond any scorn. This book has been compiled so that it may be shared with you, my brothers. I search also, and give you joyfully what I know.

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