Queer Elder Pride Reading

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Each QEPR includes:
# A custom hand-written Rainbow Umbrella/ Gender Spectrum Double Deck Reading;
# The physical cards for your reading so you can lay them out as you study your reading, or perhaps use as Altar Cards through out Pride Month;
# A Set of 4 crystals selected just for you;
# A Sister Flirt Glitter Blessing of customized colours with a miniature crystal/ stone included.

Important Notes:
* Selection of decks, crystal set and Glitter Blessings vary;
* Glitter Blessing is in a 2″ tall (10ml) container;
* For 2023, QEPR will only be sent to US addresses;
* Your Queer Elder Pride Reading will be shipped via USPS 1st Class Package, with tracking;
* There is a strict limit of eight QEPR this year- with completed readings sent throughout May;
* Readings will be completed, and dispatched, in the order they are booked.

The 8 Pride Flag positions will be Tarot cards; the additional 3 cards will be pulled from a non-Tarot Oracle deck. These readings will use suitably queer ‘frankendecks‘ compiled from more than one designer; but Tarot cards will be pulled from a complete 78 card deck. A few of the decks are shown here.

This package is valued at US$120.

Only 8 readings are available as my 2023 Pride Special: US$96.00 (US Shipping included)

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